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Winding Down DETOX by Bub

Older people or people with heart problems take care, you may need
to do extra cheating to get this to work for you. A rule of thumb,
if your heart is hurting, that is not good, so get relief of some sort
to prevent anything serious. Assuming you need to detox from using
your favorite poison starting in the morning when you wake up, this
plan may help you to gradually wind down, which can allow your
body to return to creating its own "juice" to keep you normal.
This can happen if done slowly, so dont try to push it, you will
just suffer and probably not complete the goal you choose. This
can work for people who have trouble winding down their pain meds.
Be careful with winding down from alcohol addiction, if you are
getting DT's, go to a hospital and get a shot that will help you.


GOAL 1. Wind down to only nightly use of your favorite poison

1st Month: no favorite poison allowed before 8am

(you can start with 7am if you are very weak, say from major surgery)

2nd Month: no favorite poison allowed before 9am

3rd Month: no favorite poison allowed before 10am

4th Month: no favorite poison allowed before 10am

(yes this is a tough time in your wind down)

5th Month: no favorite poison allowed before 12pm noon

6th Month: no favorite poison allowed before 2:30pm
 (now you are starting to take much less, your body is creating a lot of its own juice,

 you even feel normal in the mornings now)

7th Month: no favorite poison allowed before 4-5pm
 (this is the goal, you made it ! You are down to about 1/2 of the amount of poison you were taking at the start, you now feel normal all day !)

GOAL 2. Take a day off now and then

8th Month: no favorite poison allowed before 7pm

9th Month: no favorite poison allowed before 9pm (if needed)

10th Month: Since you probably fell asleep by now and woke up without any cravings, you made it.

GOAL 3. Stop Completely for 3 days

(allows complete cessation of your favorite poison, if desired)

11th Month: Try stopping for 3 days, the most you should feel is a light hangover, see Waiting below, for options.

What to do while you are waiting to take your next dose...
a. Medical Marijuana helps (Hopes Cookies best), but not too much caffeine products while waiting ! Also, try Gabapentin.

b. Glass of wine (not before 1pm, or you will get an alcohol problem, smile)
c. Meditate on Jesus Christ last 20 minutes on the cross, really, ask for help from God.
d. Create new music, anyone can play a flute or something, use it to honor God.

e. Be with others and/or be doing a project that makes the time go faster.

f. Check into 'Moment-by-moment' management techniques, such as:

   - slow yourself down to focus on each moment to manage it to do things such as silent prayer.

   - breathing techniques

   - turn to other things

g. 24 hours strategy (good also for relapse situation) - just focus on getting in 24 hours before

   next dose

   Not as hard as you may think, in a 3day total abstinence strategy, the second night is the worst, and the    3rd night things get better. The first 24 hours isnt actually the worst to do. Then have something, and try to go for another 24 hours, this brings you down to 1x per day, not too difficult.

h. Do some stimulating activities, eg. exercising (according to what your doctor would allow). 


Hope this helps some of our friends out there. The prayers are working, by just trying, you will get help

to achieve your goals, but don't set them too high, remember the principle is 'Winding Down',

which is gradual, at least for the first phase or two, be good to yourself, and let your body build

up its natural endorphin production gradually (or use 1 capsule, in 2 half doses, of Bali Kratom per day without any other drugs), which has way better peaks later after you are cleaned out. For stomach issues: peppermints help, chicken noodle soup, green tea, and generic Metamucil helps. Passion Flower capsules (350mg) greatly helps to calm you down and warm you up 2x day. Valerian root

(530mg) helps for sleep. These 2 remedies each cost around $7.00 per 100 capsules.

The first results (Goal 1 above) are in being able to wait later in the day for a dose, since your body is

now producing endorphins naturally at least in the mornings. Its a great feeling to feel normal already

that soon (eg. no chills, your own energy to take a walk, shower or a swim, etc.).

More help, click here