DON L. COLLIER                

Tucson, AZ. 85710

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Senior software engineer, developer, manager or analyst in a perm job that is a good match with my skill set. Arizona location only please.



Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, SQL, HQL, Bash, Korn, assembly, JavaScript, Delphi, VB, VBA, VB.NET, XSL

Operating Systems: Linux, SUSE, Windows, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, Custom, AWS, Android, OSX 10.x

Networking: TCP/IP, OSI, X.400, VMF, MIL-STD-6017, WiFi, ISM, Client-Server, Middleware, N-tier, UART

Protocols: HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DNS, IPlanet, LDAP, JAI, JNI, XMLHTTP, WSDL, SOA, Bluetooth, Stacks

Tools: GCC, GDB, Wireshark, KDB, KGDB , Visual Studio .NET,  Windows SDK, VSS, Visio, HTML, Subversion, Eclipse, ADT

    Visual Age for Java, MS Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Project, PMW, Team Workbench, TFS, BIDS, MSI, QT, RPM-SPEC

Others: Threads, Sockets, Web Services, ODBC, RPC, JDBC, UML, XML, ETL, DLL, Firmware, BIRT, Profiler, Epicor, Filemaker

       Crystal Reports, win32, MySql, Apache, IIS, PKI, SSL, RSA, Fortezza, Swing, AWT, AGILE, SCRUM, RAD, ARM



Senior Software Developer/Analyst, Polymap Wireless 2/2015 to 2/2019 Tucson, AZ

Programming projects completed in embedded C, Java and .NET languages (MPLab-CCS, Eclipse, XCode, Nordic, Pic32) for

 biomedical monitoring devices and systems (Mac, Windows) using CIP cell comms and bluetooth; ERP SQL based Data Signing, IT reports,

apps, webapps, embedded C Bluetooth device app automated updating.


Senior Software Engineer and Developer  (Consultant/Contractor) 1/2011 to 2/2015 Tucson, AZ

At (Confidential): Developed  integrated mfg workflow operation using Filemaker, C#.NET EDI gateways w/Epicor, and SSRS/SQL reports.

At Quaesta Instruments (startup): Developed Android app with Command/control window, a USB data collection Listener Thread, a

        dynamic table window, in java, Linux, Eclipse ADT. (5 weeks)

At SA/SAG for Pima County: Software developed for Agave and Justware data/files migration, financial reports:Crystal, Access,

BIRT-Maximo, Developed and fixed apps, web services and webapps: .NET w/SQL 2005/2008 (incl. agent jobs) for data collection,

Web payment, and complex Queries  generation, .NET project conversion updating, fixes for Cold fusion websites and MS Access.

Built ETL using SSIS, javascript. (2 yrs IT Division, 6 mos Pima County Justice Court)

At Gain Clients: Software fixes developed for Android (java) and IOS apps, Web (C#.NET, SQL, , Javascript) for site,

 texting (SMS) service, migrated servers to AWS cloud. Metadata collection and browse-search .NET webapp in 2 days. (3 months).

At Volt for Westmed: Software developed: contract deal checker, rebate calculator and reports using .NET, MySQL, Access, Excel.

(3 months)


Senior Software Developer/Analyst, AGI 3/2008 – 11/2010 Tucson, AZ

Coded complex sales automation report generators, and BI using Visual Studio 2005/2008, VB/VBA/VB.NET , SQL2000-2008,

Crystal Reports, Excel, SQL stored procedures (very complex), and email sending multi-threaded windows service.

Developed web-based language translation assistant. Developed admin editing windows app with treeviews and rules editing.

Developed SOA web services using WSDL, JSON, XMLHTTP, Soap, Javascript, .NetCharting, VB.NET. Built ETL using SSIS.


Principal Software Engineer/Analyst, Lumension Security 12/2006 – 1/2008 Scottsdale, AZ

Developed vulnerability remediation and patch distribution systems (cloud based) using Visual Studio .NET 2005, Java, Client-Server,

C#, C++, Zenworks, VMWare, Windows Server 2003 W2k3, Windows Vista, Win32, COM, WUA, WinXP, Hibernate, SUSE, Linux, Scrum.


Software Engineer/Analyst/PM, Bull HN/Integris (incl. AMEX-Bull and AMEX-other contracts)  1992-1997, 2006 Phoenix, AZ

Re-engineered Amex-Microsoft's Expedia project booking web commerce system, using modeling analysis

techniques (Hyperformix Strategizer) and recommended  performance enhancements. Coded  C++ IBM OSI Services X.400/Internet

messaging AIX product 1988 STD.  Included SMTP bridge. Performed performance tuning and measurement, memory leak

testing, resource usage analysis for the X.400 suite. Program Manager for Travel Agent systems using Visual Studio 2005,

XML-XSL, Client-Server, Rules, C#, Web Services, SQL2000, Agile, MS Project.


Software/Systems Architect/Developer, General Dynamics C4 Systems 6/2005 – 9/2005 Scottsdale, AZ

Designed and coded a script-able, multithreaded test gateway to test interoperability between FBCB2 and Land Warrior

(used QT,C++,Linux,Clearcase, VMF, MIL-STD-6017, MIL-STD-2525B, Agile), initial reqmts analysis/debug too.


Solutions Architect and Software Developer then VP Software, Plexera LLC startup 10/2003-4/2005 Sierra Vista, AZ

Spec, Design, and built secure wireless network information server and streaming multimedia client appliance, using Java,

Swing, Studio.Net2003, Embedded Studio for WinXP, and DLL. Design and Analysis docs generated with modeling.




Senior Software Engineer/Analyst, PM, DoD Fort Huachuca 4/1981-10/2003 timeframe (Golden Eagle Award)

Developed Test Mgmt and JPAS Financial Apps, bug fixes and enhancements in Visual Studio.NET (ASP.NET, ADO.NET, VB,

VBA, C#, Javascript, HTML, XML-XSL, SQL2000, Crystal Reports, Agile) on Windows

Developed in Java, Swing and VC++: 1. Image Converter  for MapInfo layers and 2. Comms middleware Remote Controlled,

N-tier systems, for message and time service, and sniffing of TCP,UDP, Serial, RAS, and TCIM multi-protocol communications.

(Java, JAI, MFC, Delphi, NT, MySQL). Lead analysis of the EQUATE multi-faceted digital, analog, and microwave computerized test

van, wrote DT3 final report. Project Leader responsible for the initial design of X.509 firewalls.

As Group Leader, debugged DoD portable PDA data/messaging system (X.25). Integration manager –

Designed and tested systems for highly advanced multi-disciplined DoD Stress Loading communications facility.



Senior Software Engineer/Analyst, Cardmeter Inc. (Payment Metering Products) 1999-2000 Tucson, AZ

Analysis, Design and Prototype in 2 weeks of computer discovery/assignment/usage manager multi-tiered Java based

product, “PC Cop”. Coded full version of above. Implemented Parallel Client-Server Java-Web N-tiered using custom

architecture. Enhanced PC Cop with reservations booking system for libraries. Swing used.

Completed printfile parser to obtain printjob parameters in C++/COM/DCOM, for PCL and Postscript files.


Senior Software Engineer/Analyst, Etec Inc. (Laser Imaging Systems)  1998-1999 Tucson, AZ   Workflow Product

Analysis of previous contractors efforts, and created go-forward plan based on fixed-price Work Orders.

Systems Architecture,design and prototype Laser Direct Imager product SOA to control workflow and machine parms.

Coded web-based product as Java threads added to an Apache Server, with 4 Java client applets, got commendations, Swing used.

Planned a re-engineer/port of legacy code from AIX to Solaris/PC and NT/PC, to reduce systems cost from $16K to $5K per

system. Hardware, software and network analysis.


Senior Software Engineer, MedOptics (Imaging Systems) 1998 Tucson, AZ

Developed VC++ Video Corner Analyzer Navy software system subprogram in a CCD imaging system.


FORTUNE 500 MANUFACTURING    6/1980-11/1990  Factory Hardware/Software Automation Engineer

Tucson, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, and Wayland, MA

Electronics Engineer - Programmed firmware, PC, and microcontroller-based systems for semiconductor, avionics, and keyboard manufacturers for production, test ATE, and robotics factory floor equipment. Hardware design (analog and digital) of

custom power supply, micro-based boards – circuits and layouts, bed of nails tester, and other test system electronics.

Group Leader – Created test requirements documents, analysis, test architectures. Division response chair.

Software Engineer – Coded in Assembly: programmable data reduction/display programs  in a multiprocessor 16bit tactical system.

QA Manager of Teamfocus groupware project for IBM vendor, TQM plan improved quality rating from F to A.



Bachelor of Electronic Engineering (BS), DeVry University (since 1931) Chicago, IL, 1980, GPA: 4.00/4.00 , Hardware and Software

IBM RS-6000/Power PC: SMIT Performance Tuning ,Creating Install Packaging

Certified by Sybase: SQL Server RDBMS Design, Fastrack, Client-Server Interfaces, APT Workbench 1992

Certified by ICS: Computer Network Design & OSI Protocols (Design and Analysis) 1985

Certified by Tektronix: Advanced Algorythmic Test Programming (Included Pattern Generation) 1980

Java Training Camp, Sun Microsystems, 1996

Integrated Systems Management (ISM - SNMP) Course, Groupe Bull, 1997