EP is Engine Paradise version 9.x
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Your Parallel Client-Server Architecture is already built !

Multicore Software - Multicore Servers - Multicore SAAS - Multicore Cloud - Multicore Services

A Tools Base that builds transaction-centric, N-tiers, secured, Java2, parallel "many threads, many sockets" architectures with Maximum Possible Performance.

NEW Version 9.x Multicore Parallelism support:

1. Protects thread-processes from multicore "cycle stealing" using hyperobjects, 

2. Thread launcher can launch threads to designated cores.

Version 8.x Addons

.NET-200x support: Uses Global Atoms for Application Integration in the Windows space

Java2: auto-client discovery or registration, IPlanet X.509 secure authentication.

Runs on Linux, Any Unix, AS400-Java, Any Windows Server

Collier Solutions Engine Paradise is a solution-design and development suite that is "taming the complexity" of technology. Industrial strength designs using Engine Paradise allow users to develop n-tiers client-server based products that have several high performance parallel options. Parallel backend processes together with parallel connectivity to remote clients is easily implemented using your own defined transactions format. Never before security features are implemented, using benefits of this technology. 

We can Demo our Web-enabled n-tiered toolbase based on our EP (Engine Paradise) architecture. The products that we have built with EP, are:

1. New Wifi based Solution/Services: Eyecom2 multimedia devices, see photo on my Home page link at left.
2. Workflow Job Queues Manager and Task Editor, very powerful "job-level" features... define and manage tasks and task groupings, in definable queues - used for Laser Imaging factory.
3. Secure n-tiered Architecture components using PKI, has latest X.509 certificate and LDAP interfaces....
4. Computer discovery, Booking and Session management system, used in Chinese libraries, aka PC Cop:
http://www.cmsdiginet.com/pccop.htm?silverheader=1 (downloadable demo, product specific presentation)

Other products built:
5. ECommerce, B2B, and Payment System Interfaces
6. Issues and Status Management System

Toolsets Integrated:
1. IBM Visual Age for Java 4.x
2. JDK 1.1.8 (without LDAP security components)
3. Java JDK 1.2.x
4. Java JDK 1.3.x

5. Java JDK 1.4.x

6. Java JDK 1.5.x

7. MS Visual Studio.NET and MS Visual Studio.NET-200x

Based on TRUE Parallel, transaction-centric (encrypt where necessary), reliable, maximum possible performance designs, the underlying EP architecture (100% Java) is mature, up to version 8 now (8 products built within the tool base).

We can mock up n-tiered, full client-server prototypes in days, with
final product in weeks to a few months, depending... All the above works
(optionally) with standard website software, such as IIS and Apache.

We have many good web-enabled solutions and services to offer your
customers, tailored to their requirements. It is fun to demo max possible performance in a design review !

FLASH ! Having IBM Websphere AS400 Java2 problems ? EP is THE alternative !

Inquiries: dcollier8 @netzero.net Phone: 520.885.8629 USA

Available with or without Source Code.

FREE QUOTES, Consulting Support Available. Unlimited-forever licenses available.

The Diagram Below illustrates parallelism in backend engines tier and middleware communications tiers shown as the groups of threads.


Mary's alien says: Don't forget to model your environment using Hyperformix.com tools !