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Updated Apr 23, 2018  ** HUGE Internet Prayer Group 10am EDT daily at www.MaryTV.tv **

** Listen to Each Other ! ** SUPPORT OUR TROOPS ! ** ** PRAYER REALLY WORKS **

NEW: China bans children from church click here, BOYCOTT C H I N A !

The Christian vocation means being a brother or sister to everyone, especially if they are poor, and even if they are an enemy.

** BOYCOTT twitter and facebook, Pro-life censorship must stop *

NEW: FREE Harmonica Songs sheet music updated, see link at lower left !

NEW: Persecuted for believing in traditional marraige, click here !

HELP: Protest Target bathroom policy girls being attacked, click here !

WOW: Miraculous Video of Virgin Mother Mary, click here ! View from 7minutes mark to see Her.

WOW: Human tears coming from brass statue, see MIRACLE 12-13 minutes into this 2/09/2018 video !

If the world continues to ignore the importance of prayer and moral ethics and does not restore them to their rightful place,
the world will suffer a tragedy of a world war as never witnessed before in history. from here.

The role of the family is quite important, and I would like all the world to know the
implications if the family unit did not exist. A father and mother are needed to bring up each child with a healthy mind,
heart and soul. From here

ALERT: Abortion clinic in Toldeo exposed for injuries to women, child porn, click here.

ALERT: click here: Bakersfield, CA abortion clinic hurting women !

PRAY: SPLC wrongly lists Christians for hate crimes, targets them for violence, click here

MUST SEE: Links for Youth Festival Music !

PRAY: Abortion clinics filthy conditions documented here.

Don's availability for work is:  ---> booking Gospel-Folk harmonica shows !

"Someone has said we do not save others by changing and converting and developing them;

 we redeem them by the love that accepts them and serves them as they are." 

Miraculous Prayer to St. Joseph for protection at hour of death is here. 

Trust in God, and He will give you inner peace:

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.

Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal. -Isaiah 26:3-4 **

 Abortion Clinics closed in USA since 1991, low demand:  2091

It's a child, not a choice:
"Please let me live, I have love to give." 
Practice Non-Violence, avoid evil, gain wisdom
and spread the  l o v e  - to change the world now.
We are all migrants or descendants of migrants,
migration is as old as history itself, dont stop it now,
just enjoy the benefits through good planning.

PASS ALONG: Click here: Science reveals benefits of Prayer !

NOTE: All Medjugorje Messages in an English PDF file here.

HELP: Prayers still needed: Stop slavery in Mauritania, read here !

HELP NEEDED: Thomas Moore Legal Aid - Secure Online Donation (Info here) Defending Our Rights !

Big promises to those who pray: Miraculous Novena to the Holy Face of Jesus

Please help: Mission of Mercy Needs Help:  BHHS will match your contribution, select: Mission of Mercy—Arizona !


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"Love converts hearts, and gives peace."

see 1 John 5:18 on God's Protection:

We know that no one who is born of God commits sin; but the Begotten of God

preserves him and the evil one does not touch him.


Guys, here's how to be ready to approach the Good God when you die.

DON'T RUN ! ! ! 

Be ready to tell him you are sorry, and ashamed. Thank Him for your life

and all He has done for you. You will find entry to Paradise itself. -dc

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Tubal Ligations can be reversed...

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