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Love JESUS !    ** Wise men still find Him with His mother. **

The Holy Spirit changes everything !!

Updated Oct 24, 2021 **RIP Fr. Seraphim Michalenko more

** Pray: for Victory of Immaculate Heart of Mary ! **

** Listen to Each Other ! ** SUPPORT OUR TROOPS ! ** ** PRAYER REALLY WORKS **

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NEW: Transplant patients forced to take vaccine, then given organs from covid patients, death more likely.

Vaccinated patients may also be considered for organs from Covid-positive donors, a new move in the field of transplantation.

Even fully vaccinated recipients are at high risk of developing Covid-19. Transplant patients are 82 times more likely to develop

breakthrough infections, and those infections are 485 times more likely to result in hospitalization or death, compared with other

vaccinated people, Dr Dorry Segev, a transplant surgeon and professor of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins, told the Guardian.

“If you’re a transplant patient, you very well might get very sick, and you have a 10% chance of dying from said breakthrough

infection,” he said.

IMMORAL: Building an aborted babies body parts industry to support vaccine production.

NEW: Fight evil video: Levels of Spiritual Warfare - Fr Ripperger, click here !

NEW: Masks worked to bring Covid cases down, thats the science. Just do it.

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"Someone has said we do not save others by changing and converting and developing them;

 we redeem them by the love that accepts them and serves them as they are." 

Don's availability for work is:  ---> Don is available for harmonica gigs !

Trust in God, and He will give you inner peace:

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.

Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal. -Isaiah 26:3-4 **

 Abortion Clinics closed in USA since 1991, low demand:  2,427  +3 International closed !!!

It's a child, not a choice:
"Please let me live, I have love to give." 
Practice Non-Violence, avoid evil, gain wisdom
and spread the  l o v e  - to change the world now.
We are all refugees, migrants or descendants of them,
migration is as old as history itself, dont stop it now,
just enjoy the benefits through good planning.

NOTE: All Medjugorje Messages in an English PDF file here.

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2021: 700 year Dante anniversary: click here for Free audios of Dante's Infierno, Purgatorio, Paradiso !

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PRAY: China communists separate children from parents on MASSIVE scale, read here !

PRAY: Women brought to China for marraige forced into sex slavery, else organs harvested, read here ! and here !

HELP NEEDED: Thomas Moore Legal Aid - Secure Online Donation (Info here) Defending Our Rights !

Big promises to those who pray: Miraculous Novena to the Holy Face of Jesus

BAD NEWS: VP Kamala Harris evil exposed, read this and this.

BAD NEWS: Read MA Patout & Son's sugar mill disgrace here.

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READ: Live aborted babies protected and their body parts too, read news here !

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This is great, here are the 3 ways to close abortion clinics we have found so far:
1. Locate a pro-life pregnancy center across the street or nearby an abortion clinic, happened in Tempe, AZ.
2. Abortion clinic found to be breaking laws (eg. Orange County, Calif DA closes 2 orgs doing baby body parts trafficking).
   Arkansas has a law that abortion clinics found breaking laws can be shut down.
   Insure these laws are more widespread, write your state legislators.
3. Getting waste disposal contracts terminated for abortion clinics, eg. clinic closed for at least 2 weeks in Maryland.
     Write to waste providers reminding them of FBI baby body parts investigations they may be subject to.

PRAY: Gracious Lord God, Be our Help, else we will get no help. Be our Good, else we will have no good !

PRAY FOR Safe RAIN: and also Miraculous prayer against destructive storms, click here !

READ: "Have more trust in God who is your Father in Heaven

May your hope be the joy of a meeting with the Most High in every day life.

Do not neglect prayer because prayer works miracles"

- taken from 5/25/2018 Message from Medjugorje

HONOR THEM: 4th of June, Tiananmen Massacre in China, Remember the million Chinese who died !

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WOW: Interview with God, click here !

WOW: MOM Video History: Jesus of Mercy, click here  and Unbridled Mercy, click here !

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WOW: China bans children from church click here .

The Christian vocation means being a brother or sister to everyone, especially if they are poor, and even if they are an enemy.

** BOYCOTT twitter and facebook, Pro-life censorship must stop, it will backfire **

HELP: Protest Target bathroom policy girls being attacked, click here !

WOW: Miraculous Video of Virgin Mother Mary, click here ! View from 7minutes mark to see Her.

If the world continues to ignore the importance of prayer and moral ethics and does not restore them to their rightful place,
the world will suffer a tragedy of a world war as never witnessed before in history. from here.

The role of the family is quite important, and I would like all the world to know the
implications if the family unit did not exist. A father and mother are needed to bring up each child with a healthy mind,
heart and soul. From here

PRAY: SPLC wrongly lists Christians for hate crimes, targets them for violence, click here and here

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THINK: Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a part of Baptism as Bishop Sheen does say in this video "no Baptism of the Holy Spirit apart from Baptism". Its is fresh additional outpourings of the Holy Spirit as in Sacrament of Confirmation and can be very powerful when an "Annointed by the Holy Spirit" priest (one who has this gift) lays his hands on your head and asks the Holy Ghost to come down upon you. For anyone (Priest or any Christian) doing this for charismatic healing, it also works with putting hands on their sides of their shoulders too. Important thing is its very powerful sometimes, and it really works. Why wait !

WOW: Elderly prolifer beaten, Frisco cops do nothing, see video here !

WOW: Pray this prayer set for a miracle needed !

WOW: Prayer of forgiveness, click here  be sorry to cast out evil and get blessings !

The more we are deprived of human consolation,

the more our souls are filled with Divine consolation,
if we trust in God and abandon ourselves to Him.”
(St. Louise de Marillac, 1591-1660)

WOW: Start your day to achieve happiness, click here for Divine Will prayer !

WOW: Information from inside Red China, fate of religion, click here !

PROTEST: Prolife videos were extremely popular, each with millions of views on YouTube,

         but “YouTube changed the results after I asked,” abortion Slate writer April Glaser bragged.

        Click here to sign protest !

WOW: Miracle in Bosnia War:

 Maria Meszaros   

,+JMJ+ VIGIL OF ASCENSION THURSDAY c.1991-2? ( 18 Pilgrimages, Deo Gratias, not sire about the


The Day the Serb Tanks came Into Town during the Evening Program.

Fr. Jozo had waved his Rosary beads 3 times hard at the people from the ambo during his morning

Homily, saying with emphasis, "ONLY THE ROSARY! ONLY THE ROSARY!!! IT HAS SAVED US BEFORE - IT


He had just announced that Serb tanks were headed toward Medjugorje. They had been to other

towns, including nearby Ctluk, with the same terrible scene playing out in each case: the men

brought out what weapons they had from their homes and stood in the streets to protect their

family and property. The tanks arrived and blew them all away. Fr. Jozo had the majority of the

villagers in the church for the morning Holy Mass for Ascension Thursday, and he was taking the

lead to protect his flock:

said, holding high his arm and shaking the Rosary three times. "IT HAS SAVED US BEFORE! IT WILL


That afternoon the Holy Rosary began the Evening Program. Our Lady Appeared to the Visionaries at

Her usual time, approximately during the 4th Decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries, followed by the

Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; then the Glorious Mysteries.

Fr. Slavko had asked me to translate for Hungarian pilgrims who had received a Message from Our

Lady in Hungary to go to Medjugorje for Ascension Thursday. (That's another Miraculous story!)

and when i came out of the church, i noticed the crowd was unusually a-buzz.

A woman excitedly said to me, 'Did you see it? Did you see the Cross of Light in the sky,?"
"No," i said. " I was in the church translating. What was it like - two streaks of cloud criss-

crossed like a cross?" " No," she said, and she used her index fingers in the air to outline a

large cross with square corners. " It was a large, perfect Cross of White Light! One person would

see it and the person next to them wouldn't..." I knew from what the Priests had said in the

past, that that was proof of something supernatural and not material, otherwise everyone would be

able to see it.

A supernatural Cross of Light in the heavens on Ascension Thursday - what a Great Sign!!

But what else had taken place....

The tanks had come in sometime before that at the outskirts of the village. Some families had to

tend their crops and had stayed home from the church. When they heard the roar of the approaching

tanks, they obeyed Fr. Jozo. The men took up their Rosary beads, went out to kneel in the street

and began to Pray the Holy Rosary.

The tanks came in and stopped, baffled. Meanwhile the women brought food out to the tanks,

saying, "It's dinnertime, boys - come and eat! Come in and use our phones to call ypur parents

who are worried about you, and tell them no one will hurt you in Medjugorje!"

The soldiers radioed back for Instructions - What to do? They're praying in the street...

Offering us dinner and the use of their phones...'

A few moments later the Order came;
" Turn back."
And the massive tanks turned around, and slowly retreated from the village.

Shortly thereafter: the Cross in the Sky.

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POWER: Rediscover Baptism in the Holy Spirit, click here for Pope Benedict's teaching on this !

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PRAY: Click here to read expose: China forces birth control, abortion, infanticide !

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WOW: 40 Days for Life 1 hour report video, click here !

READ: Spike protein vaccines toxic, dangerous, read here !


Subject: Jesus to Ann THE WARNING & Powerful prayer

May 10, 2021 (Psalm 63)

Jesus: My children, you have heard many warnings about what is to come,
I tell you, the gift of your warning to this world will signal the time
for the enemies of My Beloved Bride to swing into greater action. My
Father's gift of enlightenment for every soul will unleash the forces of
Hell against My Bride and all who attempt to come to Me. My Holy Spirit
will come with Divine Love, that will be a new fire from Heaven, that
will open the doors of the hearts and will illuminate all consciences.
It will be a judgement in miniature in which all souls will see
themselves in the burning fire of Divine Truth. They will see their own
life and all they have done in My Holy Light. The Triumph of the
Immaculate Heart of My Mother will coincide with the great prodigy of
the Second Pentecost. This new fire will purify all souls. Always, My
dear ones, prepare your spirit and your soul and help prepare others as
well. I ask you to prepare yourselves and others with this prayer that I
have given many before your time.

My children, I drink this cup for your sake, rejoice that you are
called to this great devotion. Simply offer the wounds, pains and
Blood of My left hand for the downfall of
all enemies and you will see them disappear like ashes. I assure you,
many Kingdoms of the enemy will disappear in a short time. To all great
numerous enemies, the enemy of the holy death of my Master Jesus Christ,
on the Cross of Calvary, the prince of darkness and iniquity, the father
of all liars, I stand on the death of my Master Jesus Christ and offer
His pains, wounds, and the Precious Blood of His left hand to the
Eternal Father for your downfall, your destruction and your scourging.

Precious, Precious Blood of my Master Jesus Christ reign in me and in
the lives of all men. Amen.

WOW: Bishop Paprocki speaks against mandatory vaccines at Notre Dame, here !

WOW: Ivermectin 89% effective at preventing COVID, read here, NIH approval here more studies results here !

WOW: Vaccines death toll here, still born babies here, reactions-death here.

READ:”Dear children! In a motherly way I am calling you to return to the joy and the truth of the Gospel, to return to the love of my Son

– because He is waiting for you with open arms; that everything you do in life you do with my Son, with love; that it may be blessed for you;

so that your spirituality may be internal, and not just external. Only in that way will you be humble, generous, filled with love and joyful;

and my motherly heart will rejoice with you. Thank you.” (March 18, 2021)

READ: Covid vaccine not tested enough, 240 dead so far, read here !

READ: How aborted babies were used for vaccines, click here !

READ: Thinking of taking the abortion-tainted Covid Vaccines, read this.

READ: Sign petition no abortion in Covid vaccines development, click here !

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READ: List of vaccines with status of abortion connections ! read more here !

PRAY: Detailed Report: police admit torture in China, read here.

READ: (see latest newletter, here).

** Power of  Bible Prayer: Jeremiah 23:29 My Word is a fire in your mouth with power ** 

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CULT: How was the Book of Mormon translated from a dead language ? Founder J.Smith said he used an occult divining rod to translate whole book !

WHY PRAY:  “The potency of prayer has subdued the strength of fire; it has bridled the rage of lions, hushed anarchy to rest, extinguished wars, appeased the elements, expelled demons, burst the chains of death,

expanded the gates of heaven, assuaged diseases, repelled frauds, rescued cities from destruction, stayed the sun in its course, and arrested the progress of the thunderbolt.” (St. John Chrysostum, 344-407 AD)

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MUSIC: Youth Festival August 2019, watch 2020 on-demand here  !

PRAY: Story of Red Rose Rescue, click here !

PRAY: For Pope Francis to declare Frank Duff a Saint, the founder of Legion of Mary !

After receiving Jesus in Holy Communion, close your eyes, then pray and listen.

THINK: God's love surrounds us, so we can trust in Him !

YES: Contact God web page, see link at lower left at the bottom !

GOOD FRIDAY: Why is there bad in the world ? God allows it to draw a greater good.

NEWS: Vaccine Mandates - update, click here.

NOTE: Message 9/13/2021

From: guy, see: medj1.com
Date: Mon., 13 Sep. 2021, 2:22 pm
  September 13, 2021
  My children I will prepare a great journey to refuge you. I will bless
you along the way with My Father and Spirit and bestow on you My grace
and blessings with the gentle embrace of My Heavenly Mother.
  I come to extend My protection and defend you against the onslaughts of
the great adversary, for with Me you can bear all things. I will send
legions of angels to watch over you, so be prepared, the time is coming
  Continue the many prayers, receiving My Body and Blood each and every
day to be strengthened against all evil. Pray for all those around you,
especially family members who have lost their way. Within the next few
years, the true faith will disappear before your eyes, and you will
practice your faith behind closed doors. Have courage and not fear, as I
have told you. I tell you, never give up hope, for one day you will be
united again to the true faith of the fathers, not in hiding, but in the
open, with great fervor and love.
  Allow yourselves to be purified, you must stay in the state of grace.
Receive the sacrament of reconciliation often, never doubting it's
cleansing power to keep you on the right track. It is an act of love.
Bear this time, for the reward is far greater than the trial.
  Lift up My beloved sons, your priests, and all church leaders,
especially My beloved VICAR, he is under such persecution, even from My
faithful children.
  Judge not, or you shall be judged, this is My holy word to all. Love
one another and be kind and merciful to one another. For all who refuse
to be humble and little before Me, will find their arrogance will be
their damnation. Let peace and joy reign in your heart. I am with you
always, trust!
  Your loving Jesus of Mercy.

Here is a link to a revealing talk by Fr. Seraphim from July 2019
(who brought St. Faustina's diary from communist Poland)
who spoke about the Divine Mercy image and its origins, very inspiring:
click here !

Miraculous Prayer to St. Joseph for protection at hour of death is here. 

Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us !

Thank You, Jesus !


Ph. 520-885-8629  Email: dcollier8 @netzero.net

"Love converts hearts, and gives peace."

see 1 John 5:18 on God's Protection:

We know that no one who is born of God commits sin; but the Begotten of God

preserves him and the evil one does not touch him.


Guys, here's how to be ready to approach the Good God when you die.

DON'T RUN ! ! ! 

Be ready to tell him you are sorry, and ashamed. Thank Him for your life

and all He has done for you. You will find entry to Paradise itself. -dc

Tubal Ligations can be reversed...

our vacation included the Chicago beaches at Lincoln Park June 5, 2009 below:



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