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Peace Plan from The Queen of Peace, Medjugorje Message, 7/02/2013

I desire ... through fasting and prayer, apostles of God's love may be born – apostles who will freely, and with love, spread the love of God to all my children – apostles who will spread the love of the trust in the Heavenly Father ...


Story of the 2 very bad persons who died, and  still avoided going to hell...

Thanks to the prayers of a good person, God allowed two very, very bad persons who had just died

to see the place in hell reserved for them. They decided they did not want to go there and they were

allowed to convert to good, and avoid going to hell at the last minute. Thanks to the mercy of God,

who has a place reserved in heaven for each one of us. Hell is that place where they nevermore see the light.

Meditation 1
Whoever shall do a novena for someone haunted by evil spirits using the Rosary of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, the Blessed Virgin will chase them away - see link below for prayers and promises.

7 Sorrows Rosary link with miracle promises !
Meditation 2

"Let us remember these great truths:


(1) There is nothing, however small or apparently indifferent, which has not been ordained or permitted by God - even to the fall of a leaf.


(2) God is sufficiently wise, good, powerful and merciful to turn those events which are apparently the most calamitous to the good and the advantage of those who know how to adore and accept with humility all that his divine and adorable will permits."


                                                                Jean-Pierre De Caussade, S.J.



For Reflection:


Meditating on the second truth that Jean-Pierre De Caussade offers, do I truly believe that God is wise, good, powerful and merciful? Do I truly believe that God can and will turn the calamity and suffering of my life to my good and advantage? Have I witnessed this in the past?


Meditation 3

Speaking of Pentecost


"The Divine Spirit...came to many just souls, although not so openly. Blessed is the soul who longs for this grace which enkindles, enlightens, and consumes all that is earthly and carnal and raises it up to a new union with God Himself. As your true and loving Mother, I want you to have this happiness, and therefore I again urge you to prepare your heart by trying to maintain an unshatterable inner peace and calm, no matter what happens."


                                   - Mary to Venerable Mother Mary of Agreda



For Reflection:


Mysticism-(etymology - relating to a mystery)-a religious tendency and desire of the human soul toward intimate union with God through contemplation and love which is not sought for its own sake, and is always informed by revelation and ascetical theology.  St Thomas defines it as experiential knowledge of God.  It does not necessarily include phenomena such as visions and ecstasies.  True mysticism cannot be induced by techniques, practices, or effort.  It is a gift from God, a consolation bestowed by Him and Him alone. How do Mary's words indicate this? How can we prepare ourselves to receive this outpouring of the Holy Spirit? What does this good saint recommend we do? What one thing can you entrust to Mary today?


Final Note from Mother Theresa on temptations...

Ask the Virgin Mother Mary to be a Mother to me now.


Meditation 4 


“…When you receive a thought, your mind processes that thought, which may funnel into one of two channels: the channel of good or the channel of evil. If you control your thoughts to reflect My goodness, by allowing My goodness and by allowing Me to assist you, then that thought will proceed to flow through the channel of goodness and follow through in your bodily actions. If you allow your thoughts to carry out in your bodily functions without allowing Me to dwell in you, then you block My Spirit of Goodness; and they will funnel down the channel of evil (JOM, Vol I, #53, 05-30-89, Pride - Ego)

Concerning sin: “…The conflict and separation of your inner being will exist until you allow My goodness to prevail. However, once I have entered your soul, the conflict cannot last long because no evil can exist very long when I possess the soul. It is as I have said before: water and oil cannot emulsify. There will always be a separation. When you receive a thought, think good and I will be invited in you! If you sin, ask My Spirit for a truthful and honest cleansing. In order for this to happen, you must allow and accept the Truth with openness, sincerity and honesty….” (JOM, Vol II, #12, 10-18-89, Sin)

I AM Your Jesus of Mercy


Meditation 5

taken from preface to

 The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life

Father Arminjon's fifth conference on purgatory:  The man who is inflamed with the fire of divine love is as indifferent to glory and ignominy as if he were alone and unseen on this earth....he is no more liable to be captivated by some evil attachment than is gold, seven times tested, liable to be tarnished by rust.  Such are, even on this earth, the

effects of divine love when it firmly takes hold of a soul. 


Pray here.



from here:

How to be more patient with others

1. be silent
2. swallow
3. suffer
4. smile


Happy moments - praise God.            

Difficult moments - seek God.

Quiet moments - worship God.

Peaceful moments - trust God.

Every moment - thank God.


                      - Anonymous

"A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral."
                                                            -Antoine de Saint - Exupery
For Reflection:          
What "rock pile" is currently facing me? What "cathedral" may lie within it?


HOT Free book: Flame of Love: click to order here 

(in the above book, Jesus reveals his last 20 minutes on the cross were the worst,

this may inspire some to do the "Last 20 minutes Vigil" as a meditation)